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To bring live Bluegrass music and mountain food and culture to the Burns that we attend with the intent to provide interaction with the positive aspects of our southern mountain heritage and to dispel negative stereotypes.
Black Rock Bluegrass
Rootpile Camp Entrance

Our founder, Fixxer, first brought Bluegrass Music to Burning Man in 2012. When he first started going to Burns he realized that Burners were his people, but the overwhelming majority of music that he heard was EDM, and he wanted to bring live Bluegrass to the Burner community. 

Rootpile is a mini Bluegrass Festival within Burning Man. We have nightly live performances with The Rootpile Allstars, Black Rock Bluegrass, and others. BBQ & Pinto Beans are served at 7 pm on concert nights. We also offer Bluegrass instrument lessons for all levels on instruments we provide, Mon-Fri Noon-1pm.


Rootpile campers will get a taste of Hillbilly music, food and culture. We encourage everyone to come to the live Bluegrass shows and participate in other interactivities in camp.

We take the 10 Burning Man Principles seriously and expect all Rootpile campers to do the same. Communal Effort, Participation, Leave No Trace and the like are integral to the success of our camp.

In addition to their daily Rootpile camp duty shift, all Rooters are encouraged to also volunteer with one of the many Burning Man departments.

Join Rootpile Camp


Email usif you have more questions.

Rootpile Musicians
Rootpile Musicians

There are many playing opportunities for Bluegrass musicians of all levels who would like to join our camp. There are possibilities for scholarships and for help finding tickets for professional Bluegrass musicians wishing to participate. Learn More Here!

If you are interested in being a Rootpile musician, email us.

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