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Black Rock Bluegrass
Bluegrass Jamming
Rootpile Art Car
Rootpile Banjo Lesson
We are Rootpile, a theme camp at Burning Man.
We love all that is Burning Man, and we want to support more diversity in the music and culture that you can find there. We bring high-quality, professional live Bluegrass music to the Playa! Rootpile is a camp dedicated to exposing more folks to live Bluegrass music and southern mountain food & culture (Banjos, Fiddles, Mullets, Possums, BBQ, Biscuits, Pinto Beans, Grits, Country Ham!!).
Rootpile also hopes to attend other regional Burns in the future.
Rootpile Interactivity & Gifting:
  • Listen to, or participate in, a Bluegrass jam around our firepit at our fireside Bluegrass Jam Circle. Pinto Beans (Ham or Veggie) will be served. Monday, 8pm–10pm. Other impromptu jam sessions may happen any day or night.
  • Bluegrass instrument lessons at all levels, including total beginners,
    for guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, bass, and dobro
    . Instruments are available for participants to use during the workshops.
    Lessons are Tuesday thru Friday from Noon to 1 pm.
  • Live Bluegrass Music Performance by Black Rock Bluegrass featuring Fixxer (The King of Burning Man Bluegrass!!!!) and various other musician guests. Tuesday thru Friday, 7:30–10 pm.
  • North Carolina BBQ, Pinto Beans & Moonshine will be served starting at 7:30 pm (until we run out) during concerts. Tuesday thru Friday.
  • Floyd's (Mullet-only) Barber Shop—Open for customers when the barber shop light is on.
  • Stringed instrument repair

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