Theme Camp Organizer, Andy Owens (Fixxer), first brought Bluegrass Music to Burning Man in 2012. When he first started going to Burns, he realized Burners were his people, but the overwhelming majority of music that he heard was EDM, and he wanted to bring live Bluegrass to the Burner community. 
Rootpile is a mini Bluegrass Festival within Burning Man. We have nightly jams and live performances (except Wednesday) with The Rootpile Allstars, Black Rock Bluegrass, and others. BBQ & Pinto Beans are served at 8 pm on concert nights. There are also outreach shows around the Playa on Rootpile's mobile stage, Rolling Thunder. From Noon to 1 pm daily, Bluegrass instrument lessons are given for all levels, including total beginner, on guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, and bass on instruments we provide.
It is often hard to find burners that are already serious Bluegrass musicians, so we often have to turn musicians into Burners. We take care of our virgin Burners, and we encourage you to be a part of Burning Man and Rootpile.
There are many playing opportunities for musicians of all levels, as well as music professionals that want to join camp. There is a possibility for scholarships and help finding tickets for musicians wishing to participate.
Music participation opportunities include:
  • Playing opportunities for musicians of all levels
  • Jammers
  • Students for instrument lessons
  • Teachers for instrument lessons
  • Sound people
  • Riggers
  • Music Fans who want to support our mission
  • Luthiers
To find out more about musician/music pro opportunities, contact:
Learn about some of our many Rootpile Musicians:
Banjer DanDawn Larson • Cameron Owens
Alexa Rose • Bud Martin • Andy Owens

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