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I Have Dust in Curious Places
Here are some helpful tools to prepare for Burning Man:


Access/Set Up Your Burner Profile

you must sign up for a profile to register for ticket sales

Access Your Burning Man Tickets Account
account only available after tickets have been purchased

Burning Man Hive Community

Burning Man Rideshares Facebook Group

Burning Man Tickets Facebook Group

Ticket Begging Facebook Group
(warning: super snarky; not for the thin-skinned)

Burning Man Virgins Facebook Group

Burner Express
(Bus Rides between the Reno Airport and Black Rock City)

Medflight Evacuation Insurance

($50 insurance will cover a $30,000 medical helicopter evacuation)

Black Rock City Municipal Airport

Fly into Burning Man!

Burning Man Fundamentals (PDF)

The “why” and “how” of surviving your first burn.

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